Monday, July 24, 2006

I Can't Believe It's Still This Hot

Due to the heat, I can't concentrate on one subject for long, so I have a mishmash post.

Major topic of discussion at work today: What does it cost to install air conditioning?

One fellow had an expert firm to recommend, although they are booked for months to come, of course. This is a crazy hot week. On my conference call, everyone from Seattle to Portland was complaining, although the Dallas team trumped us all in terms of sheer temperature.

Those of you coming into town for BlogHer: Check the weather report before you leave home! This is not your typical California weather.

Working in voice/video telephony, we're always developing new case studies for why people should buy the stuff. Well, we have our very own proof that the grandparent video calls are totally working. Q is usually pretty shy, but thanks to the familiarity he gets from the weekly calls, he was immediately ready to play with Grandma Q and Grandad B this weekend. He had such a good time, and even let Grandad carry him around the mall, without SwingDaddy or me in sight.

Yesterday, while we were waiting in a cashier's line, Q examined the items on the shelf near him. He selected a wooden clock toy and handed it to me, making "tick tock" noises. I'm impressed that he'd recognize an analog clock for what it was. Almost all our clocks at home are digital.

Thanks for the input on the fish song. We're going to try "Slippery Fish" tomorrow and see if it's the one. Keep ya posted!

Our portable fan/ceiling fan setup last night was pretty successful. SwingDaddy, Q, and I all woke up cool and refreshed. Here's to hoping it works again tonight!


Anonymous said...

Interesting...Did you change your blog title in readiness for Blogher? Good idea.

Fourth Breakfast

lara said...

whoa... me = so not observant. i wouldn't have noticed without FB's comment. why the change?

Lady M said...

Yep. I've been thinking about the title change, and this seemed like the time to do it. More in the next post!