Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Five Second Rule Revisted

I was entertained by the responses to my Five Second Rule post a few days back. It's kind of fun to guess who will come down on which side - "Eeew, gross. Dirty water/food!' vs "It's no big deal. Get over it!"

Several people pointed out that the water coming out of the garden hose is indeed the same as the water going into the house. However, Lady O reminds us that we should check the condition of the hose itself, since one might have an old one that's been sitting outside for years gathering dirt inside and out. Uh, that would be us.

She also remembered reading an article where some inventive institute tested the Five Second Rule and determined that yes, dropped food picks up germs at speed. So don't eat food off the ground. Of course, that requires being faster than the lightning reflexes of one's toddler who is both more motivated to reach that runaway blueberry, and closer to the ground. A likely story.

Lady O's story reminded me of a children's TV program I saw years ago, where they tested everyday ideas that you always wondered were true or not. For instance, when it rains, don't you feel that running to your car will keep you from getting as wet as if you'd walked? Well, they tested the theory.

The experiment team chose two boys who put on matching new clothes - exactly the same size and type of shorts, t-shirt, socks and sneakers. They set up a sprinkler system, so that the water flow would be consistent, weighed the boys, and set them to go. One walked the length of the sprinklers, and the other one ran. They got on the scale again. The one who walked had gained more weight, meaning he'd absorbed more water. So, you really do get less wet if you run!

Of course, this mostly has to do with how long you're exposed to the water. If you were walking or running in a torrential rainstorm for an hour, it wouldn't make a difference at all.

Now, if we could only test whether the last bite of a cookie really tastes better than the rest.


Bob said...

It's not safe to drink from the hose ( lead and other chemicals used in making the hose) unless you bought the kind that you can drink from ( Check Home Depot's labelled hoses ). If you have a hose attached to your house, shut the water off at the house side, otherwise the water inside the hose will seek back ( unless you have a no-back-flow unit attached).

Lady M said...

Thanks! Good to know.