Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dragons of America

Happy Fourth of July!

We met friends at this terrific new park and managed to squeeze in some conversation while chasing Q and their almost-two daughter, A-girl. Q wanted to eat the snap pea crisps from A-girl's snack bag, and A-girl would only eat snap peas from the batch that I had brought for Q. It worked out just fine.

A-girl's mom had some reassuring words about how the toddlers change. "She started understanding so much more at about 18 months." The constant, unrelenting supervision lightens up a bit. Thank heavens.

We'll be able to send him to investigate dragons on his own!


YF said...

that is good news - i hope it is true! (about it getting easier) - a friend told me yesterday that her 5 year old is harder then her 1 year old... booo hoooo!! i almost cried.

Lady M said...

yf - Harder at 5 years? Oh, I really hope not. I would have cried too! :0