Sunday, July 30, 2006

BlogHer, More on Weddings, and a Cool Clock Tower

The BlogHer experience was pretty cool. I'd kind of decided to go on a whim, since it was just down the street, and I'm really glad that I did. Lady O and Momma to LG came for the second day, and it was nice to have some familiar company. Now is when I sound totally star-struck: Momma to LG was brave, so we went and introduced ourselves to dooce herself! I met many of my other blogworld heroes and some were even kind enough to pose for pictures with Japanese Fruit Friend, in his Orange incarnation.

Back when SwingDaddy and I started our blogs, we weren't sure how anonymous to be. At first, I didn't show any faces in the photographs (although that quickly went by the wayside for family shots), so I used a snap I already had of JFF for my Blogger profile picture.

(Aside: Why did I have a photo of JFF? I used to have interminably long weekly conference calls with our Japanese counterparts where we would try to answer each other's questions and figure out whether the other party really understood what we were saying. Endless goodwill on all sides, but not a necessarily a whole lot of comprehension.

I started putting JFF on my desk during calls, with his happy orange face, to remind myself to have patience and respect for cultural differences. When my American teammate asked me for tips on how to keep calm during the calls, I took and sent him the photo. By the way, if you turn JFF inside out, he has a Blueberry incarnation as well.)

Anyway, back to BlogHer: When I met Her Bad Mother, she said, "Oh, if you'd had that orange guy with you, I would have known who you were sooner!" And I thought it'd be fun to have JFF along. Here's a snap with reunited-from-childhood pal, Mir:

Lady O and I took Q for a walk at the University campus today. He heard the clock tower chime from a distance, so we headed over to a nice shady bench at the foot, and he spent a good half hour admiring the mechanical workings.

In the meantime, I got to catch up with Lady O on wedding stuff. She'd gone to Dr. K's while SwingDaddy and I went to PinkGal's and finished the evening at Dr. K's. Both were lovely and loving, well organized, and full of fun people.

I have never seen such creative guest book endeavors until this month! Swing Couple had a beautiful book with pages designated for each table that were themed with a location special to their relationship. There was also a place blocked out to attach the photograph that would be taken of each group at the reception. PinkGal and husband had a Polaroid camera, so you'd take a picture of yourself, insert it into a page (with pre-set photo corners) and write a message next to it. Dr. K and Dr. J provided color pencils and fancy art paper, for everyone to trace their hands and leave them a message. The photo at the left is SwingDaddy and my wedding "guestbook," patterned after the one made for my parents. Madame A did the lovely embroidery.

We were standing too far back in the crowd to see PinkGal's cake cutting, but SwingDaddy pointed out that we could see the action through SuperVideoGuy's viewfinder screen, as he worked the camera on its monopod overhead. It made me reflect just how many events in our lives we've now seen though his great work.

Happily, it looked like everything in both weddings went flawlessly, with perhaps the exception of one incoherent, meandering toast that was mercifully and graciously ended by the wedding couple. Nothing that a tragic videotape erasure accident wouldn't resolve.


Jenny said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy week for you.

I'm so jealous...

PS. Could your little one be any cuter?

Mir said...

Oh man... it's a good thing you didn't bring Q to the conference with you... I would have EATEN HIM. Adorable!

Mom101 said...

You have absolutely no reason to be intimidated by dooce. You're a very cool lady yourself and anyone there would be lucky to meet YOU.

Thanks so much for coming up and saying hi. And God, I love the Mir story! Magic does happen at BlogHer.

mothergoosemouse said...

I loved it that you brought JFF with you - like Catherine said, it made you instantly recognizable!

Mayberry said...

Yes, you need to do a post of ALL your JFF pictures!

So great to meet you.

Lady M said...

Jenny and Mir - Thanks! I think the little dude is actively working on cute poses sometimes.

Mom101- Isn't it amazing how you can find people again in the universe. I've met old friends by accident in out-of-state airports before.

Mothergoosemouse and Mayberry - I think I will indeed collect the JFF pictures in a post!

So good to meet you all. :)