Saturday, July 22, 2006

An Amazing Combination of Beauty and Tackiness in One Day

Dr. K held a lovely outing this morning with girlfriends to celebrate her upcoming wedding. We strolled through the Conservatory of Flowers and later admired the view from the new DeYoung Museum tower.

She gave us beautiful handmade lavender sachets that are scenting our house and winning over the usually prevalent baby smell. It was fun to admire plants, the view, and enjoy the morning.

And on the other side of the style fence:

I had occasion to chat with Mr. E this week and enjoy his usual acerbic wit. His new creation, a glitter effect web tool, has become a tremendous hit, with thousands of downloads. He says that he has started to say that he is the piano player at a bordello, that being a more respectable profession than enabling twelve-year-old girls with questionable grammar skills to out-do their peers in adding glitter ponies to their personal websites.

I responded to the news of his success in the only way possible.


That seemed to please him enough that tonight he sent SwingDaddy and me our very own gif of our names in everlasting glitter (not posted here, as you might be blinded by its glory). You really need to click here to see an example of the glitter in action. Please put on sunglasses first.


Mayberry said...

Wow. Glitter-rific! Sounds like a great day.

Lady M said...

Mr. E has sent a complaint that my glitter didn't have the "motion" feature, so I've requested his help in creating a truly scary glitter pic.