Friday, June 02, 2006

Uneventful Cactus Visit

Q got ahold of the remote control last night and found heaven. He showed great care. No banging, chewing, or drooling on the device, just very assiduous clicking.

Today was one of those random days, filled with conference calls, a broken garage door, and a meeting with our financial planner who reminded us of things Responsible Adults should do that we haven't yet done. Note to self - update insurance notes. A few other non sequiturs:

In a recent interview, the wonderful J.K. Rowling herself states that our beloved Hippos Go Berserk is her "personal favourite." Yay!

I took Q for a roll in his stroller tonight, and snapped a picture of the legendary cactus with my Treo. It's not entirely in focus, because I was afraid to stop and draw too much attention to it. For those of you who were burning with curiosity, here it is, the succulent that my son wishes to hug.

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