Saturday, June 24, 2006


Q presented another dose of television education to me this morning. We'd enjoyed a big outing to the Farmers' Market where we had both behaved beautifully (it's only fair to grade mommy too) and returned to peacefully slurp down a homemade smoothie, so we sat together in the living room to await SwingDaddy's return from his cycling practice. After setting the channel to Sprout, I allowed Q the rare treat of holding the universal remote control.

Sprout was showing an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine featuring a creepy drawling southern airplane named Savannah and an even creepier junior plane. I find the whole show visually creepy. I'd seen line drawings of Thomas that were friendly, even cute, but the aesthetic on the TV show is just bizarre. Each train or engine has a humanoid face fused onto a large machine, and it just makes me think of Leto II, the man who had become a giant sand worm in God Emperor of Dune. Every time I see Thomas, I want to shout, "Abomination! Abomination!" and I get distracted from whatever moral lesson I'm supposed to be learning from the show.

Anyhow, Q saved me from sci-fi flashbacks by figuring out how to change the remote mode from "power" to "channel" and switched us over to some kind of Ultimate Obstacle Course show on ESPN2. It was the coolest thing ever. The contestant had just clambered across a log, and before he could pass to the next task, he had to solve a math problem. 79 + 40. This guy was really sweating. He counted on his fingers a bit, tapped in "119" and the doors opened to allow him to run over a bunch of swinging cannonballs. I was really looking forward to seeing whether he'd have to draft a suit pattern or maybe dance a mambo in order to finish, but Q clicked again.

This time, Pay-per-View. "Cutie, let Mommy have the remote. Cutie?" Click. He turned the TV off!

A few pictures from our Farmers' Market outing.

Admiring the flowers.
The local bookstore had a few titles on the sidewalk. Would you like one?

Best of all, a fountain! Q was really torn between playing with the fountain and admiring a pony-sized Great Dane standing nearby. The fountain won out.

P.S. I updated yesterdays train post to complete it!

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