Friday, June 30, 2006

Perfect Post – The CompetiMommy

A Perfect Post Lucinda and MommaK came up with a great idea to allow bloggers to recognize their favorite post for the month. My Perfect Post Award goes to Mom-101!

Mom-101 wrote a great post that made me laugh and think. She met a "CompetiMommy," who grilled her to compare the skills of their 11-month old babies – playgroup attendance, number of friends, sign language capabilities, and swimming talents.

I was slower than Mom-101 in identifying my first CompetiMommy. The other mom and I had been occasional acquaintances before we were pregnant, usually exchanging a few words in passing. After we had our babies, it took three weeks for me to figure out that her weekly interrogations of "What new tricks are your baby doing?" (and so on and so forth) were not just an awkward conversion, but a resume opportunity!

Mom-101's post also reminded me to be more careful not to seem like a CompetiMommy while I'm just making conversation. When I'm excited about some new skill of Q's, I try to describe in moderation. It's not about showing off or competing against other children; it's just amazement at how this little guy is taking on the world. There's one big exception of course - we show off shamelessly for the grandparents.

Thanks, Mom-101!


Mom101 said...

Great point about paying attention to our own boastfulness. Although the truth is, I'm okay with a new mom squealing about a recent milestone she's excited about. I'm just not up for the competition that is supposed to ensue. In fact, every time I say something good about Thalia I feel compelled to counter it with a negative. "Why yes, she does smile all the time. Oh, but she's a terrible sleeper..."

Thanks again for this M. bows humbly in your direction

Lady M said...

mom101- You're welcome! You're such a entertaining writer. I laughed out loud several times during your C-Mommy post. It also made me grateful for some of the amazing *nice* moms that I've met. That's the next post for me to write. :)