Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Little Cheerioso

Everyone loves Cheerios! Well, there is one unnamed member of our household who dislikes the smell of oat dust (and thus Lucky Charms are out too, sadly), but Q and I love us some Cheerios. They have been temporarily replaced by a fad for raisins, but I know that the O's will be back.

I gave Q the empty Cheerios box a few days ago, because there's nothing more fun than a cardboard box. He carried it around, thumped against its sides, and pointed meaningfully at the strawberries pictured along with the cereal. Best toy ever.

Other use for a Cheerios box: Starter violin. No, really. I remember going to Lady O's Suzuki violin recitals, and the littlest children would toddle up to the front of the music room, clutching a cereal box with a ruler taped to one end. They'd tuck the box under their chins, show their good posture and proper position, bow solemnly, and wobble back to their parents.

At the next month's recital, they'd have a tiny violin and be able to play "Mississippi Hot Dog" (east coast students) or "San Diego Freeway" (west coast students). You could always identify the parents of the beginners. The smaller the child, the larger the videocamera.

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