Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Little Less Unprepared

Happy Summer Solstice!

It's time for our quarterly emergency preparedness check-in again. Do you have enough water for each person in your household to last three days? Are the diapers in your emergency stash the right size for your baby? (If applicable, of course. No need to go get diapers if you don't already have a young'un.) My goal is to make our kit just a little bit better each time, or at least a little less unprepared.

For this refresh, I'm adding water purification tablets and writing a list of critical items to take if we ever had to evacuate. If we had to run with one minute's notice, we'd grab the baby, wallet and cell phone. However, sometimes you have an hour or two to prepare, and it'd be good to have a plan already.

Items on the Pack List so far: Passports, driver's licenses, cash, financial and insurance documents, health insurance ID cards, PDA, digital camera (take a photo of each room of the house before leaving, in case it's needed for insurance purposes), home inventory. I guess I need to write a home inventory first. Baby supplies and food, favorite toys for Q, spare clothes, sturdy shoes. Family pictures. It'll take a little more thinking to fill out the list.

San Francisco's Are You Prepared? site has an excellent "Build a Kit" page that describes what to include in your home safety kit, as well as what to put in a "Go-Bag." The idea is to have a backpack for each person that is already stocked with flashlights and food, as well as things like photos of family members and pets for re-identification, a hardcopy list of emergency contact numbers, and a list of medication allergies. I think that my goal for the next check-in will be to create Go-Bags for us.

And maybe I can convince SwingDaddy to let me get the military surplus Survival Tabs too.

A compact, light-weight, life saving food ration for any emergency. Ultra high calorie food tablets provide all essential vitamins and minerals, protein for strength, fat for endurance, dextrose and lactose for fast energy. Average consumption of twelve tabs per day may be decreased when other food is available in adequate amounts and quality, or increased in times of complete starvation or extreme physical exertion. . . . Survive exclusively on these tablets up to 4-5 MONTHS without ANY other foods. Evolved from the space program. 10 year shelf life.

We'll never need to cook again! Just hand me one of those tabs. Kidding!


Mayberry said...

Now those sound yummy... you're right, I'd be so tempted to just pop a few some evenings instead of making dinner!

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Mary P. said...

Thanks for those links. I have tried in the past to have such a stash, but it always seems to get raided, and not re-stocked. I know it's a good idea. Your idea of checking in and improving it quarterly is terrific. That will make it possible without being overwhelming. Thanks!

Lady M said...

Welcome, Mayberry!

Mary P - Glad to make a useful suggestion! I'm finding that having small goals for the emergency kit has gotten us started fairly well. When I had a big grandiose plan - not much happened.