Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lawyer by Day, Laker Girl by Night

Names and cities changed to improve alliteration.

I attended a lovely bridal shower today and had a great time catching up with the bride-to-be. The other guests were mostly her classmates, who are just a few years out of school - her high tech colleague, a young lawyer studying for the bar, a med school student, a biz school student, a fifth grade teacher, plus Ara and me, who can pass for grownups. I wasn't previously acquainted with most of the ladies, but enjoyed meeting them and hearing their amusing stories.

For instance, Lana is headed to LA in a few weeks to begin work at a fancy law firm.

Lana: You know what I did yesterday? I looked up the audition schedule for the Laker Girls. Lawyer by day, dancer by night! What do you think?

The rest of us: For a newbie? It's going to be lawyer by day, more lawyering by night!

Tammy is planning to do "Tri-For-Fun" next weekend, a mini-triathlon designed to introduce folks to the sport.

Tammy: I'm ok for running and it's a really short swim. But I've never ridden a road bike - I've just done spinning class. Do you think it'll be ok?

Bride-to-Be : Do you have a bike?

Tammy: I borrowed one. It's really different from the mountain bike I had in school though. You have to lean over and it's got clips and funny shoes!

Us: You'd better practice before next week!

Tammy: I'm not getting any sympathy from my sister either. She ran the Boston Marathon in four hours.

Brooke is attending a workout Boot Camp twice a week where she gets cardio, weights, and personal training advice. She also hears about the latest fitness events.

Brooke: There's a Nike Women's Marathon that sounds so cool. All the participants get a Tiffany necklace!

Clamor of voices: Wow, a necklace! Where do we sign up?

Brooke: Registration is already full. And get this - there's a "chocolate mile" that's sponsored by Ghiradelli, and you can stop and get snacks along the way!

In other news, my mom and dad are in town this weekend, and Q is having a terrific time with them. Here, Grandpa is teaching Q how to use the remote control to fly a helium blimp.


Momma to LG said...

Not only do you get a Tiffany's necklace but they are handed out by men in tux's with silver platters!

lara said...

one of my high school friends was a laker girl all through college. i went to look her up to see if she still is or not, and i found out that she's apparently gone into all sorts of nude and semi-nude modeling. talk about a shock! i just wasn't expecting to see quite so much of my little friend from high school...

i also find it amusing that nike is simultaneously empowering women and maintaining long-standing stereotypes. not that i'm complaining, mind you - chocolate, tiffany's, and men in tuxedos are fine by me anytime. ;)

Lady M said...

momma to ashley - Was that the marathon you ran? That sounds like quite the set of perks!

Kari - Seeing "so much" of your old friend, indeed!

The two sides of Nike have always intrigued me. So many of their marketing campaigns have a sort of dark side. :0