Saturday, June 03, 2006

Juice, Juice, and Perhaps a Raisin

We had a good time tonight at the Stanford Swingtime spring show.

One year ago, it was the first campus event to which we brought Q. Then and now, he's an attentive concert-goer.

Yes, in that first picture, it is indeed another Jamba Juice cup. He practically put himself on a liquid diet today. Milk, juice (ooh, the power of learning his new word, ju!), 4 cheerios, a small box of raisins, the Jamba, and then finally ate solid food at 8pm. We've been trying to tempt him with new foods, since he's grown disinterested in the old ones. We gave him frozen peas, a favorite of his little friend Monkey, in case his gums are sore. He put each individual pea in his mouth, then took it out, returned it to the plate, and moved on to the next pea. Entertaining, perhaps, but not all that nutritious.

We pulled out the baby foods book, which is admittedly a bit on the hippie-granola side, and SwingDaddy searched it for inspiration.

SwingDaddy: Most of the recipes here look gross. Hey bud, you want a sprout omelet?
Q: Blehhh!
SwingDaddy: Me neither.

We don't want him to live entirely on Jamba juice, but at least he's getting some fruit and a little protein thrown in. I bought a box of strawberries, since he liked those so much last week. We'll try 'em tomorrow.

Earlier, Nanny J came over and we took Q on an outing. She's sewed a lot in the past, but isn't so familiar with local fabric stores, so I took her to my two favorites. First, we went to Fabrics R Us, where you can dig through garment district leftovers for treasures at good prices. I shop there when I need to clothe seventeen dancers for a new number. Today, we were looking for curtain candidates for Q's room. All the babies are waking up early these days due to the sun, and darker curtains may help.

Next, we drove to Thai Silks, where I shop when I want just one fancy gown. While Nanny J browsed for material to make a dress to wear to her daughter's wedding, I had a nice chat with the proprietor. Q admired the long cardboard tubes they use to roll bolts, and she kindly went to the storeroom and found him a smaller, less dangerous tube. He walked up and down the aisles of the store and along the sidewalk outside, waving his prize.

In the end, we didn't get anything besides a yard of red cotton covered with dinosaurs. When we first showed it to Q, he roared! Where did he learn that? I'll use it to make him a pillow or something. As for curtains, maybe we'll just order ready-mades at Home Depot. Nanny J is going to try Macy's one more time for the dress.

SwingDaddy got home from his track cycling event about an hour after us, and Q showed him the dinosaurs and cardboard tube. Roar! I rolled the dinosaur fabric onto the tube, and he carried the bolt around like a little tailor.

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Anonymous said...

Good photo (6-3-06) with the Jamba juice.
Must have been a fun outing
at the fabric stores.