Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jane Would Be Proud

Our summer dance season has begun, and we rehearsed the "Jane" half of "Jane Austen and Jazz" tonight. Four returning dancers danced their original roles, one changed roles, our former understudy joined the cast, one brand new dancer learned the entire piece, and SwingDaddy stepped in for a sick dancer. We finished all of tonight's material ahead of schedule and everyone did really well, in spite of nursing injuries, etc. It's fun to be back dancing!

Update to Monday's post: I was informed that the "undisclosed location" is Huntington Beach, and Costa Rica was a friend's vacation - our dancer is actually going to Switzerland and Italy.

Update to yesterday's post: OK, it was a crazy busy day and I didn't even touch the library story, so we'll shoot for tomorrow again.

Snuggle story: This afternoon, Q crawled onto my chest while I was singing to him, and I leaned back onto the playmat, letting him giggle away. Aside from occasional gulping on my part to get enough air (he's getting heavy), we zipped through a nice series of kiddie tunes.

Before I had my childhood memory prodded by the excellent CDs recommended by Nanny K, I'd been singing him the only songs I could remember, mostly musical theater numbers, and those take a lot more work than "The Wheels on the Bus." At the conclusion of each song, Q would want to ask for more, which he couldn't do while lying on his hands (on me). So, he'd crawl off, stand up, sign for more, and then crawl back to snuggle. Happy day.


lara said...

huntington beach - woot! that's my home turf! i miss socal sometimes...

you'll have to let me know how Bubbers likes the CDs. i'm curious to know how his musical tastes may have changed since the days when i used to sing to him. :)

Lady M said...

We've been playing the first disc, and he listens very attentively, clapping to the ones he knows. Yesterday, when Nanny J arrived, he walked over to the CD player, clapped his hands and danced, and pointed to the CD, asking her to turn it on!