Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm Living with R2D2

R2D2 is a convergence in the Force.

SwingDaddy says so, and he is an expert in all things Star Wars, so I'm inclined to agree. At the age of three, he watched it as his first movie in the theater, and he likes to believe that it changed the course of his life. I am hoping that wasn't the case; otherwise I'll be up nights wondering what to choose for Q.

In any case, R2D2 is cute, clever, always finishes on top, and communicates perfectly well in evocative beeps and whistles. These days, I am living with R2D2.

Q is providing us with a non-stop vocal track at loud volume. In the midst of babble, there will be the occasional word, like a raisin in pudding, but mostly it's just cute noises. (Ooooh, new food idea. Perhaps we should try feeding him pudding.) We can tell if he's happy or concerned, questioning or requesting, by the tone of his voice. What we often can't translate is the specifics.

C3PO, we need you to interpret!

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