Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CEO, not Heiress

Meg Cabot and others have talked so much about the inane amusement known as MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, that I asked SwingDaddy to record an episode for me our the MythTV box. For those of you not in know, MythTV is a sort of geeky version of TiVo, where you build and program the box yourself. I know there are people who think TiVo is already geeky, but they're not reading blogs, so I don't need to address that here.

I usually have a hard time sitting still through an entire program or movie, either because the characters are making poor choices or because I'm too stressed for them, but I must say that My Super Sweet Sixteen was an excellent investment of 22 minutes.

In this episode, the party girl, Alex, is apparently in line to inherit a chateau and constantly refers to herself as an "heiress." When she goes car shopping with her dad, she climbs into a BMW X5 and proclaims, "This is totally a heiress-mobile." When she flies to France with her mother and best friend to shop for her party dress (no, really, she doesn't leave her suburban Michigan McMansion and just go to Detroit, or even New York), she says, "The heiress is in Paris!" Speaking of that Paris, SwingDaddy was forced to leave the room to control his nausea when the Alex's voiceover stated that her role model is ubiquitous Ms. Hilton.

She hires two male models to escort her to her 16th birthday party, where everyone is wearing white by decree. It's nice to see some of the boys wearing white polo shirts among the more elaborately decorated kids. Someone has to maintain a sense of proportion, because it certainly isn't Alex, her "VIP girls," or her parents. The party girl is crushed when her dad unveils the surprise musical guest and he isn't Eminem. However, she gets the BMW and lives happily ever after. Well, at least until she has to beg her parents for the next $15,000 dress she wants.

You know how I mentioned that this show was a good investment of time? Heck, yeah. I was a little down earlier today, but now I feel so smart! And so ambitious! And so independent, and capable, and downright cool.

P.s. The smoothies were a hit with Q!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel great too and all I did was read the show summary here.

Who was the musical guest?

Fourth Breakfast

Lady M said...

Luther Lackey. None of the kids on the show had ever heard of him, but the kid's dad was smiling broadly.

lara said...

i'm so happy you called her the "ubiquitous ms. hilton." when my classes had 'ubiquitous' as a vocabulary word, she was always the example i used to define it. :-P

and yeah, i can't really watch that show because all the eye-rolling i do starts to give me a headache...