Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy is a Slight Understatement

Photo credit: Patrick Tower

Letter sent to our dancers earlier tonight regarding our upcoming rehearsal and performance dates:

Let me begin by saying that dancing and hanging out with each of you is a joy. That noted, our collective schedules are pretty much a nightmare. It's a good thing we have an unusually high composition of industrial engineers in the troupe, so we've worked out a plan.

What are the challenging factors?

Two of you will be gone for your honeymoon. Two of you will be eleven days from your wedding by our show date.

One of you will be starting a medical residency. One of you is beginning a graduate program.

One of you is traveling on business to Asia. Three of you have long standing vacation plans - Israel, Hawaii, Costa Rica. One of you has graduation conflicts. One of you is traveling to an undisclosed location (to me) for a conference.

Two of you have serious ankle injuries. (Digression: When SwingDaddy was in PT for his ankle last year, his physical therapist was looking for reference patients, and asked if he knew anyone else with a problem joint. SwingDaddy looked at him blankly for a moment, and responded, "I'm a dance director. Everyone I know has either an ankle injury or a knee injury, and some have both.")

Three of us have small children whose sleep schedules must be accommodated.

Six of you are in other dance troupes that are performing in the same concert and will probably also want to rehearse immediately prior to the show.

Everyone has highly demanding work and school schedules.

Where does that leave us? With a highly creative rehearsal plan! We will not have all the dancers actually together until the actual performance, but you're all seasoned in show biz, so we're not worried. Each couple will have scheduled time to rehearse, and we'll fit the pieces together.

Thank you all for being flexible and helping our new dancers come up to speed. Looking forward to another great season!

Lady M and SwingDaddy

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