Monday, May 08, 2006

Wiggle Worms, Cute Food

Someone is getting very enterprising accessing previously unreachable places. Here, Q has SwingDaddy's keys and is doing his best to make a break for it.

This morning was Q's first Wiggle Worms class, and I'm so proud of him! He's often shy in new environments, but today when Nanny J and I set him down in the classroom, he took off and ran to the push cars without a backward glance. The instructor wasn't particularly inspiring, but she had good intentions and the kidelletto got to run around a new childproof area with different toys.

I like to think that Q particularly excelled in the "dance" segment, when he clapped his hands, stomped his feet, and spun in place. The instructor put on a long slow song, almost lullaby-like. I'm certain I'm projecting this thought, but it sure seemed like Q was expressing, "I'm just humoring you guys. I've heard real dance music before, and this isn't it."

On another topic entirely, the Jam Bun phone charms arrived.

From left to right, they are Sweet Bean Jam Bun, Momo Chan Sweet Bean Jam Bun, and Steamed Jam Bun. I gave Sweet Bean Bun (because he has the biggest smile) to Lady O, as a thank you for babysitting Q Friday night. Let's hear it for cute, anthropomorphic plush food!

I made a scaling error though, and they probably a bit large to decorate the Treo. I think I'll just have them sit here on my desk.

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Anonymous said...

I'm attached it to my purse as a purse charm. The Serene One is worried that every time I see it that I will get hungry. I'll keep you posted.

-Fourth Breakfast