Monday, May 01, 2006

Verified by Wildlife Biologists

Q and I blazed through a stack of books this evening. He stomped his feet to The Barnyard Dance, laughed at Old Hat, New Hat, and twice requested I Love My Daddy Because. The latter was our Father's Day gift to SwingDaddy last year and features drawings of animals and their young.

The Emperor Penguin bears the caption, "I love my daddy because he keeps me safe and warm." The lion's page says, "He takes naps with me." The giraffe's page says, "He helps me reach things." It ends with a human dad and child, captioned, "I love my daddy, and my daddy loves me." All in all, very charming, and I was pretty pleased with finding the story. The gift idea was the first useful tip I was able to share with our Mommy Group (since all the other babies were older than Q), and several other moms ordered the book too.

I noticed today for the first time that the credits page has the following small print: "The animal behavior pictured in this book has been verified by wildlife biologists."

Somehow, that makes me feel very responsible, like I have brought something more natural and realistic into our lives than the plush animals that are so anthropomorphized that even the starfish have long eyelashes. Well, the girl starfish have eyelashes, or a hairbow, even though they don't have hair.

Sometime, I will share my story of disappointment at the Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop, due to the biological accuracy of their plush toys. For now, I will just keep reading rhymes to Q, who is making more signs and words every day.

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