Monday, May 29, 2006

Um, wow, that's great . . yeah, congratulations!

I adore Q and love seeing SwingDaddy be a super father. That being said, the amount of work and constant vigilance involved in being a parent is impossible to describe. Two pairs of friends who became first-time parents in the months before Q arrived have announced their news - they are expecting their second children.

A moment of stunned silence. I think, "Oh my God." Then my social reflexes jump in to save me, "That's wonderful! We're so happy for you! What terrific news! Congratulations!"

I am hoping that the pause was unnoticeable to the happy moms and dads. I am genuinely delighted for them . . . but I'll need more time before we think about Q2.

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Mary P. said...

LOL I always knew I wanted more than one child. In fact, when I started, I was thinking of having four.

Still, I remember when I first considered a second child. My first was nine months old, I was pushing her in a stroller, and the thought went through my head: "When we have our second." Not if, but when. I was so startled by this thought, I actually stopped mid-stride, as a jolt of pure fear went through me!! LOL

I went on to have three in total - but I still remember that moment!