Sunday, May 07, 2006

Surefire Mommy/Daddy Identification Test

Several months ago, we had a little party at our place, and as the guests arrived, they'd greet Q, who would return their looks solemnly. He was uneasy around strange men back then, which became quickly apparent when Dr. K arrived with her fiance, Dr. J. Our little fellow started to agitate, and being an experienced dad, Dr. J immediately retreated across the room and waved from a safe distance. Q settled down comfortably.

In contrast, a hyper single friend arrived in a flurry of activity. As Q cowered into SwingDaddy's arms, HyperDude stepped closer and closer, louder and louder, until Q burst into tears.

I knew nothing about babies when Q was born and am only a little wiser today - but I can certainly identify parents now!


This morning, we finished an errand (baby wipes by the crate at Costco) and found a local street fair. Perfect! Q would have all sorts of colorful things to see. As a bonus, we spotted one of Q's little friends in a pink hat, strolling along with her mom. Even though we were going different directions and didn't get to chat today, I love bumping into friends. It feels so community-like.

Among the artwork, there was a fair selection of country-crafty stuff on display, so Q had many a "woof-woof" and "qua-qua" to admire. That's 'dogs and ducks,' for those of you not in the know. He smiled into many mirrors, and we strolled along quite happily for a while. We had a big joint meltdown later, but I'll spare you that tale.

(End digression, back to the main story)

The police department had a large booth, complete with squad car (where Q inspected the logo carefully), child fingerprinting setup (for children 4 and up, so we didn't stop there), and various souvenirs. I picked up Q so that he could see the table, and showed him a police logo'd toy. "Would you like a frisbee, cutie?" He didn't show a lot of interest. The young officer on duty offered him a sticker . . . just the right size for chewing into little bits. Not a dad yet.

Later we were walking by a booth of Venetian masks. To call attention to the display, a lady stood on the sidewalk, dressed in a dramatic cape, wearing an elaborate (although slightly creepy) mask. When I admired the costume out loud, she heard me and turned around. Q took one look at the mask and we both heard him inhale. Before he even started wailing, she had turned her back and crouched to make herself smaller, waving a hand over her shoulder at me, as she waited for us to hurry on by. Either a mom, or an alert auntie.

P.S. I finished yesterday's post too.


YF said...

i had to learn that after being a parent too - it is easy to spot parents or good aunties now for sure.

lara said...

"Either a mom, or an alert auntie."

or a nanny! i think having been a nanny means i'm not a rank amateur when it comes to dealing with upset little ones, but i'm still nowhere near as experienced as a parent. :)