Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Mother's Day, Mazurka, and Giant Frogs

SwingDaddy thoughtfully brought me Mother's Day flowers when I came home from the business trip, so they wouldn't wilt while I was gone. Compare the first picture with the second, from last year!

Last year, Q was still kind of floppy, and only smiled intermittently. This year, he was plenty alert and intent on bashing the flowers with his broom. Maybe he'll be big enough to hold me up next year.

I had planned to take Q to another new park today, but the rain sent us to the mall's PlayPlace instead, along with roughly a thousand other restless children. Q explored the funhouse mirror, a small slide, and was particularly fond of this giant frog. I like the glimpse of kiddie mayhem in the background.

When we got home, he was in high spirits, showing off his signs and bringing me books to read. I taught him "bunny" and he seems to have picked it up well. There are so many rabbits in his storybooks that he has plenty of opportunity to bounce his fingers around.

We played a little music, he clapped his hands, slapped his legs, and spun around and round. Born to be a waltzer, bless his stompy little feet! Big highlight for me: I said, "Come give Mommy a hug!" and he ran over and tumbled into my lap, wrapping his arms around me. Might have been a coincidence, but I'm counting that as a hug!

Last night's dancing was bliss. Of course, the night would have been incomplete without a Can-Can, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was another dance though, Marek's Mazur, that most clearly showed me what I've unconsciously missed this last year. The Mazur is almost like running to music, flinging yourself across the air and landing lightly, when the beat calls for it. It's art with a high pulse rate.

SwingDaddy and I had some great dances - we're going to need to get out more this year.


Mary P. said...

I'm sure that was a hug! Specially with the arm-wrapping. He's definitely old enough to know what you meant and what he was doing. So, yes, count it as a hug!

Do you and SwingDaddy dance with Q around? Does he try to copy you, or to join you? I love watching wee ones dance. You could drown in the cuteness. :-)

Lady M said...

I got another hug today!

Most of our "serious" dancing gets done after he's asleep, but we've taken him to ballrooms for family waltzes and such. He was a fairly sound judge of music even in utero (editorial kicks) and we'll put on tunes for us to boogie together. :)