Sunday, May 28, 2006

Love Those Lemurs

This morning at the zoo: Q observes a Red Ruffed Lemur. I note that those long tails are mighty decorative. SwingDaddy points out that one should be sensitive about such comments in front of a wilderness enclosure. I agree that while ostriches and peacocks shed regularly, a lemur is never going to not want its tail, so we'll stick to using feathers on hats.

There's also an exhibit of guinea pigs, with a placard explaining that they are native to Brazil and live in the wild in groups of five to ten. SwingDaddy and I are both surprised to read that such a silly (but cute!) animal can survive in the wild, although obviously they come from somewhere.


Mary P. said...

One thing I truly miss about living in Toronto is the zoo. We used to go once a month, three seasons of the year. Fun!

Even further ahead than leumurs in the silliness sweepstakes, for me, are meerkats. Ever seen them? The way they pop up out of their holes and stand on their hind legs just seems to be begging for trouble!

The ones I am always amazed survive at all are sloths. How can anything that slllloow make it in the wild?

Lady M said...

The little local zoo did indeed have meerkats too! They definitely look like the "usual suspects" when there's trouble.

After having lived in San Diego for several years, I became a zoo snob and didn't go to many other zoos. Now that we're taking Q places, I am happily rediscovering zoos! He's so pleased to see a couple of ducks, that any place is a good one now. :)