Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's Not Hug That Cactus

Q and I went for a walk today. A real walk, as in both of us on foot and no stroller. He was happily trotting along, admiring each successive plant and fingering the flowers, all at his eye level. He tripped over an uneven part of the sidewalk, but pushed himself up with no fuss. Oooh, pink flower (squeeze)! Green fern (squish)! Hey, what's that? He's now running at full speed for a big, fat . . . cactus.

I hug him around the waist just in time, and convince him to look carefully at the cactus. I pick him up so he can see it from a different angle, and then continue walking down the street to give us some space from the plant. No luck. As soon as I set him down, he makes a beeline for the cactus. I'm sure he would lose interest quickly if I didn't keep him from it, but this doesn't seem like a good "learn from experience" sort of activity for a 14-month old.

In the end, I carry him home wailing that he can't play with the cactus, until he sees SwingDaddy and brightens up.

The cactus pictures above are from MyPaperCrane. They look quite huggable.

In other news, Q very clearly made the baby sign for "apple" (fist held near the cheek) while I was feeding him today. I'm still so excited when he has a new word. I brought out an apple and he munched away. SwingDaddy was telling me about the two of them spinning around earlier today, and that Q was having such a good time. As a joke, we both said, "Spin!" to the kiddo . . . and he did!

We're really going to have to watch what we say around here. Someone is always listening.


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