Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hip, Hip, Hippo!

It's books today!

I cannot tell you how much we love Sandra Boynton around here. We just received our copy of Hippos Go Berserk. Gotta take advantage of free shipping from the Amazon Prime trial before it expires! Mary P also recommended Blue Hat, Green Hat, so that's next on our list.

One hippo, all alone
calls two hippos on the phone.
Three hippos at the door
bring along another four.

We later escalate to

Nine hippos come to work.

I also ordered Telling Lies for Fun and Profit, recommended as an amusing book about fiction writing. I read writing books the way other people read home decorating magazines. I may not be working on a novel or remodeling my bathroom, but I find it entertaining to hear what the experts have to say on the topic.

A recent favorite is Stephen King's On Writing, both writer's guide and autobiography. He includes an account of his horrible brush with death a few years ago, when a careless driver crunched him along the side of a road. I'm not a big horror fan, but have enjoyed his other stories such as Shawshank Redemption. Plus, any guy who can be in a band with Dave Barry has to be cool!

The other writing book I must mention is the very first book I ever special-ordered: Turn Not Pale, Beloved Snail, by Jacqueline Jackson. I'd read it in the middle school library, and remember telling my parents that I really needed my own copy. Ms. Jackson talked about writing, capturing creativity in all forms, and living life, not just observing it. The rest of the title line from the Lewis Carroll poem states, "Turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance."


Mary P. said...

Oh, I LOVE that book. (Hippos Go Berserk). I discovered it when I was teaching kindergarten, probably very shortly after it was written. I would use it whenever we had a lull moment - lining up for recess, waiting for the bell to ring, that sort of thing.

The children and I would chant it. "ONE hippo all alone, calls TWO hippos on the phone!" In fact, I think I have several Boynton books by memory. Off the top of my head:

"The sun has set, not long ago, so everybody goes below..."

"A hog and a frog go out for a jog. But not the hippopotamus..."

"Red hat, blue hat, green hat...OOPS!"

We love Boynton!

Anonymous said...

His hair is getting thicker

Lady M said...

Mary P:
"And she just doesn't know, should she stay, should she go? But, YES, the hippopotamus!

B: I've just gotten a few recommendations on where to take Q for his first haircut.