Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I hope it was a good day for all of you and your families.

SwingDaddy took Q for a bike ride this morning and let me sleep in. Mmmmm, sleep. I got to enjoy a massage too. My neck and back were in better shape than last time, but my body feels much more relaxed now. Thanks for the great gift, SwingDaddy and Q!

Our friend KT loves horses, so her children take her to the racetrack for Mother's Day and watch the horses run. KT's own mother had a knack for always picking the winning horse, so part of the tradition was to call Grandma on the mobile phone and have her pick the winner from afar!

It was a nice homey day, playing with Q and getting the kitchen stocked for the boys, since I'm traveling this week. We don't have an elaborate Mother's Day tradition yet, but we had fun video calls with our parents and Q showed off his new signs. Being parents has certainly made us even more grateful to our moms and dads.


YF said...

Happy mom's day lady M! Q is always fun to keep up w/ too! xo

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