Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flappers, Pleather, Weddings

Lady O and I just signed up for a class on "Paris in the Jazz Age." She, SwingDaddy, and I plan to write our next dance concert around an international mystery set in the 1920's, so this will be research as well as entertainment. I'd actually booked a theater for the show, but since we had Q, we decided to postpone until he's a little bigger.

I sorted through tons of old photos for last weekend's reunion slide show, bringing back vivid memories. This is the cast picture from a "Matrix" number featuring Humans and Agents. Key takeaway: Pleather costumes are really hot. Yes, sometimes in a sexy way, but mostly in a "need extra towels to clean up the sweat" way.

Yesterday, we received our fifth wedding invitation of the season, as well as a save-the-date message for a sixth one. Such a happy year! I've been admiring the sophisticated websites built by each couple, detailing their proposal story, details about the ceremony and directions to the reception site. Our wedding was in the Jurassic Era, before everyone used digital photography and lived on the web.

I was describing the beautiful websites to colleagues at work, and one fellow commented that the wedding party photos & bios would make it easier for folks to scout potential amours in advance. That's an entrepreneurial idea! "Wedding website brought to you by Match.com."

* Edited to credit our fabulous photographer for the wedding snap above.


Andrew's mommy said...

Hey M! Just catching up on the moms' (and dad's) blogs. Hope we are invited to your show when you are done with it! :)

We had the same wedding photographer and I followed your link to his site. Guess what - there's a silouette pic of me and my dad walking into the church on it. :P Click my name to see it. It's the first pic on that page.

Keep up the good blogging!

Anonymous said...

I was just commenting to The Serene One that a lot has changed in the 5 years since we got married. In addition to the digital photos and websites, bridesmaids outfits have morphed too.

My bridesmaids outfits were two piece. One year later, you could order different sizes for the top and bottom, and different styles as well.

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