Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Few More Seconds From Our Fifteen Minutes

We attended our university Drama and Dance Reunion banquet tonight. I'll finish this post later.
Boy, it's been a busy weekend, and I'm just catching up blogging now. Back to the story.
While neither SwingDaddy nor I are alumni of the Dance Division, having graduated from the technical side of the university, we've been heavily involved with dance for well over a decade. I chaired the arts support group for four years, and we know most of the professors and lecturers from grant requests, concerts, and other activities. It was terrific to catch up with faculty, admire the renovations to the building, and see all the improvements to dance space.

As part of the celebration, the department had commissioned a video to interview several professors, current students, and alums to talk about drama and dance, past and present. The super-director-videographer had taken 15 hours of footage and created a beautiful 10 minute piece that told a clear and inspiring story. And we made the cut! A snippet from our interview and several clips of our performances were included. :)

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YF said...

congratulations! that is awesome!