Friday, May 19, 2006

The Cuteness Log

I've started a Cuteness Log where I keep jpegs of the adorable plush animals and vegetables that I see online. This is an alternative to buying them and causing both bankruptcy and overcrowded living quarters. So far it's working. I'm happy to just admire the pictures, knowing I can see them at any time.

The log was inspired by a web article (can't find the link, darn it) describing a fellow who sidestepped his impulse purchases by adding items to his Amazon wishlist instead. He'd go back to the list every so often and laugh at how insignificant the items seemed later, compared how much he'd wanted them at the time.

The veggie basket above is from Under The Nile, a store that features organic cotton products for children.

In other cute news, Q has invented his own sign for "ice cream," which involves pointing at the ice cream cone in his picture book and wagging his tongue back and forth. How did this come about? He's had a few licks of ice cream before, but it was months ago! Does he remember? SwingDaddy, Nanny J, and I are quite amused.

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