Monday, May 22, 2006


Q helped me bake muffins early this morning. He did a good job stirring in the blueberries before his curiosity got the better of him and he made a grab for the batter with his other hand. I had been waiting for that moment and managed to get the bowl and spatula away before goop went flying. He was so excited to help! No photographs - not enough hands.

I used the cute mini trays for most of the muffins, so that we wouldn't have to break big ones into pieces for him to eat. Nanny J told me later that Q ate four mini-muffins at his second breakfast, so not to bother with the little size anymore. He can handle full sized treats.

Q and I took a walk this evening, carefully avoiding the street of the legendary tempting cactus. We passed beneath a big tree that had shed dried berries all over the sidewalk, and Q discovered that they made a satisfying crunching sound underfoot. It was a quiet street, so I allowed him to let go of my hand and crunch back and forth about forty times, until he was quite certain that no berry had been neglected.

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Mary P. said...

That's so sweet. The little boy so intent on the crunch under his feet. I love that picture.