Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chill Out With Those Wacky Defensive Instincts

Q and I visited a new park yesterday. Good swings, reasonable play structures, and overall thumbs up, although it has few trees. The lack of shade wasn't a problem at 6 o'clock, but it'd be really hot during the day. We'll have to bring towels to take advantage of the water-spouting frog next time.

Q was happy to roam around, never straying far from me, as we watched a family launch a kite and then painfully extract it from a tree. We entered an enclosure with activities on each wall, and I crouched down next to him to help him move little pegs. At that moment, three children cornered us rapidly and I was stunned at how menaced I felt. One boy was dead-eyed, expressionless as a zombie, and another leaned over, waving his arm at Q's head, speaking in tongues. I was ready to scoop up the baby and run!

Deep breath. I listened to the second boy, and I think he was speaking a Central European language and saying the names of sea creatures on Q's hat. The first child was just too young to really focus and engage. The girl piped up to say, "Kite!" and we all looked up to see the rescued kite soar over the park.

I really don't watch many horror movies, since I already have an overactive imagination, and this is a sign that I definitely shouldn't watch more.

In other news, Q discovered strawberries this week. Actually, he learned that he likes to alternate eating them and squishing them, resulting in an appearance not unlike an extra from Evil Dead II.

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