Saturday, May 27, 2006

Brain Freeze

After ballet this morning, I stopped by Jamba Juice and had them split a smoothie into two cups. I've let Q share a bit before, and he's so reluctant to give back the cup that I got him his own this time. When he and SwingDaddy returned from their bike ride, I waved the Juice and he came running. In order to show his approval, he made loud appreciative sounds in between each sip. Slurp. Mmmmm! Slurp. Mmmmm! Slurp. Mmmmm!

The kiddo drank as much as I did and was getting so cold that he started to shake. We couldn't get the cup away from him though. Slurp. Shiver! Slurp. Shiiiiiverrrr!

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Anonymous said...

How funny