Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Time with Mama

There's a big summit at work, so it's a busy week for both SwingDaddy and me. His team is working late tonight, preparing for a demo, so Q and I had an evening to ourselves.

Q has always been more clingy to SwingDaddy than to me, but lately he's been hanging on to my leg too. I love it! The photo has a funny angle because I'm pointing the camera straight down at him.

Nanny J reports that Q was very adventurous at his baby gym class today. He pushed a little cart around, went to find stuffed animals under his own initiative, and participated in the circle songs. It's taken him a few weeks to warm up, so I'm really glad that he's having fun. I'm going to take some strategically placed vacation days so that I can go to baby gym too!

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