Saturday, April 15, 2006

Studio on the Move

Ballet class was a little different this morning. The ballet school has moved its studios a few blocks down the street to a new, larger facility. It's a great space! The heat wasn't working yet, and they still need to figure out some logistics (like having the right doors unlocked), but all three dance spaces are well portioned with high ceilings. The other students kept marveling at the "aircraft hanger" size of the largest room, but I've spent so much time in Roble Dance Studio that it didn't really compare.

One concern: Having worked on the business end of the arts, I'm hoping that they are going to be able to bring in enough money to pay the rent. I guess it's one more incentive to keep going to class and stay in shape. ;)

The photo is from our 2004 concert "Stepping Out," featuring the lovely ballerina V.

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