Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shoes and Strollers

I took Q with me to the mall to get him a larger size of Robeez. He mostly wears his rubber-soled clompers these days, but it's nice to have the softies for baby gym. I held out the fire truck design and he seemed pretty excited, so it was an easy choice. The Robeez website includes a "chubby red crab" pattern, but I think we're saturated on sealife for a while.

Q trotted along on his little legs, pushing the side of the stroller, while I guided us around kiosks and mall-goers. The noise of the elevator at Macy's alarmed him, so I picked him up before we stepped out. I didn't anticipate to what that would lead. The little dude discovered that he could now grasp the padded handle bar. Since he can't normally reach the bar, it is fascinating by definition.

After various attempts at putting him down to walk resulted in siren-like wailing, I ended up carrying him with his bottom against my torso, my arms around his waist, while he leaned forward, pushing the stroller with both his hands. Whenever I needed to add my hand to the handle bar to turn a corner, he would do his best to pry my fingers off the handle. Cute, but not very comfortable.

Once we got to a less crowded place, I pulled aside and managed to convince him that sitting in the stroller was going to be a much better way to go.

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