Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Putting on My Top Hat

Or sealife hat, in any case. I couldn't resist putting Q in his new shirt and hat this morning. The shirt bears an orange puffer fish, turtle, and sting ray, and the hat is festooned with octopi, sea stars, sea horses, and jellies. If I'd known how much kid stuff featured cute sea creatures, I might have been willing to have a baby earlier. Just kidding!

He's getting better and better at his signs, including pointing one finger at his mouth for "drink." At dinner, he alternated between telling us he wanted water or more banana bread. Real communication!

SwingDaddy has reported Q's "vertical" eating, where he holds his toast perpendicular to how you'd expect. I've seen him do it when SwingDaddy gives him food, but he seems to take regular, "horizontal" bites when I give him toast. I'm not sure what kind of pattern you can make from that.

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Mary P. said...

SwingDaddy holds it out to him differently? I've seen that "vertical eating" before, and isn't it odd? Get your pictures now: It won't take him long to figure out that's it's more efficient the standard way!