Friday, April 28, 2006

Plush Cuteness and Other Things

SwingDaddy has considered limiting my access to My Paper Crane, where Heidi Kenney regularly posts photographs of her latest plush creations. I wrote about her cute cabbage collection last month, and have made SwingDaddy look over my shoulder at her latest projects - the most adorable grilled cheese, pumpkins, and cotton candy.

Today, she wrote that her blog stats told her that she gets over 13,000 hits per day, and she has no idea who is reading. So I'll be leaving her a comment that explains I've loved anthropomorphic veggies since Mom gave me a plush broccoli by The Vegimals when I was eight.

The fondness has extended to lobsters and other extremely cute sealife.

In other news, I've finally moved forward in the cell phone replacement debate. There's a new corporate mobile mail standard at work, and I've been issued a Treo. Since it's very business-like, I've gone ahead and ordered a few cell phone charms in the form of Jam-Bun and Friends to even things out.

We had a pleasant evening, walking to dinner and enjoying the good weather. I snapped a picture of Q and what we've dubbed his "security broom," which SwingDaddy has posted. The whiffle ball is still intact, one day later.


heidi said...

thanks so much for leaving the comment and those veggies are adorable! :) so cute...hmm wonder if i could find some on ebay haha!

Waya said...

I love those plush veggies!! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

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