Friday, April 14, 2006

Name This Animal

I think it's a dog. My mom and Nanny J think it's a mouse. In any case, it's a very cool pull toy from Q's grandparents when they came out to visit from Ohio. The wheels have a thin ring of rubbery material that lets the creature roll silently with no rattling. Of course, Q promptly inspected the toy and found a surface that would make a loud, satisfying sound when smacked against the floor.

We looked at the packaging, and it just says that it's Zolo Zippy Scoot. What do you think it is? Or are we being species-ist to insist that it needs a category?

A few months ago, I was delayed in the Newark airport when my plane developed a flat tire on its inbound landing. While American Airlines flew a replacement jet from LaGuardia, I had time to visit the remarkably good toy shop in the airport. Like most babies, Q liked to chew on the tags of his stuffed animals more than anything, so here was a toy entirely made of tags.

I thought it was a mouse, but the labeling disagreed - officially, it's a lamb. I figure that if its species is that indistinct, we can pretty much call it anything. I'm partial to hedgehogs, so he's now "Taggy the Hedgehog."


Anonymous said...

I think Scoot is a dog. If he was a mouse, his tail would go out behind him, not up. Taggy looks like a mouse to me. The ears would be tilted more down, if he was a lamb.

Of course, this goes back to the polar bear/penguin coexisting problem. We have bigger fish to fry. Like why is that poor mouse covered in tags?


Fourth Breakfast

Brenda said...

He's not a hedgehog he's a tag-hog

(Oh I am so puny while I sit here waiting for my morning coffee to brew, avoiding the dishes)