Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Other Name is Lucy

In the late nineties, strangers would look at me intently and then ask the Question. It might be a restaurant hostess or sales lady at the Gap, but they'd always start the same way. "Do you watch Ally McBeal?"

Since my answer was no, I'd be treated to a pop culture update next.

"You look like Ling," and they'd inevitably follow that with, "Don't be offended - she's kinda crazy on the show, and rude and stuff. But I think she's really, really cool."

Fast forward a few years to 2000 and the release of the Charlie's Angels movie. Things got streamlined and the Question changed. "Does anyone tell you that you look just like Lucy Liu?"

After being surprised a few times, my response became, "Why, thank you!"

Who wouldn't want to look like a glamorous movie star? My mom's hairdresser and other friends got in the game and told her that she looked like Lucy Liu too. (This makes sense, since I look just like mom.)

I'm thinking about Lucy again because I got the Question several times last weekend and once today (lady at the salon, a guy at work, the dairy-restocker at the supermarket, etc.). Oddly, I'm approached the most often when I'm wearing no makeup and haven't really combed my hair. What does that say about Lucy? Or perhaps it's poor makeup application on my part.


In other news, this is the one month anniversary of my blog. My goal was to write every day for a month and see how it went. Well, it's been a lot of fun. SwingDaddy and I enjoy reading each other's posts, and even sit geekily in the office together sometimes, blogging. The family that blogs together . . .

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