Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lovely Days

Our friends were married in great style yesterday. They looked so happy! We brought Q to Memorial Church, where he carefully observed the proceedings and waved at another friend who was standing in the balcony, waiting to play a prelude on the grand organ. He particularly enjoyed the beautiful music during the ceremony.

SwingDaddy and I had some great dances at the reception, after Q went home to play with Nanny J, and swapped stories with old friends. There were several marriages and babies that were news to me, plus we heard about two separate friends who have decided to be stay-at-home dads!

I did my best to take pictures of the dance performances. Yes, exhibition dance is (happily) an inescapable part of all gatherings in our social circle. My still shots were fine, but the action photos were sadly blurry. I think I've gotten as far as I can on instinct and will have to read the manual to figure out the right settings.

However, there was no lack of photography last night.

The paparazzi are everywhere these days!

We had a lovely day today as well. Q and I had a snuggly morning, reading stories and playing. He was even cooperative enough that I was able to bake a batch of banana bread for him. We headed to the outlet mall, where we found summer-weight pajamas and a really, really cute sun hat for him. It's festooned with sealife, of course.


YF said...

a couple of great shots... and a yellow wedding dress?? looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey, is that bottom photo the one I took? Is it only Asian families that are so fully equipped with cameras? I remember my wedding photographer getting a little testy at the "competition" provided by Auntie Ah-gan.

Fourth Breakfast

Lady M said...

Fourth Breakfast: Ah, so you took that one! I didn't remember taking it, and wondered if it was SwingDaddy. Yes, quite the crowd.

yf: Yes, yellow! Yellow gown, yellow vests for the gents, yellow centerpieces, a very cheerful evening. :)