Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Latest New York Trend

SwingDaddy and I saw a video clip on about an upper-class family in New York City that has hired a Mandarin speaking nanny to take care of their little blonde girl. A quick web search led to a series of articles, interestingly all with the same interviewed family, talking about how much interest has grown in learning Chinese.

[The father] wants to prepare his only child for the 21st century. "China will be the next world superpower," he says. . . . it can't hurt if your child can hold her own linguistically with the mightiest world leaders of the future.

For this reason the "Chinese nanny" is now chic in New York's wealthier circles.

So it turns out that we are trendy. Of course, we hadn't set out with the intent to deliberately provide Q a marketing advantage in the global economy. We have a Chinese nanny . . . because we're Chinese.

I've really enjoyed working with Nanny J and have been surprised at how much I'm enjoying speaking Mandarin at home. She does many things the way my mom would do them, and it's comforting. We take our shoes off in the house, certain foods are always refrigerated, our standards of "clean" are similar, and so forth.

Swing Daddy and I are glad that Q gets to hear and learn both languages naturally, and I'm pleased to report that my mom thinks my own Mandarin has improved too.

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shrinkmamma said...

If China gets to be the next superpower, I can see improvement in at least one direction - we'll have chinese fast-food chains instead of Micky Dee's. So - bring it on :D