Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kind of a Kiss

I really need to stop trying to take self-portraits with our new Canon SLR. It's a great camera for quality pix, but pretty heavy to hold at arm's length pointing back at oneself and a squirmy toddler. This one sort of came out.

Q and I were playing today and had one of Those Moments described in sappy parenting magazines. I was sitting on the floor of the playroom, reading Moo Baa La La La out loud while he played with his toys and periodically wandered over to look at pictures and quack with the duck. At the conclusion of the story, he came straight over to me and leaned in close, rubbing his nose on mine. My heart skipped a beat; it was such a loving surprise.

Maybe his nose was just itchy, but I'm going to count it as a kind-of kiss.

SwingDaddy, Q, and I took an afternoon jaunt to the mall. Q explored their PlayPlace, sitting on a giant foam ladybug and examining the funhouse mirror. At first, he was firmly attached to SwingDaddy's leg, but eventually, he ranged farther away on his own. Later, the little dude and I walked hand in hand for half the length of the mall as he gravely observed the contents of each shop window.

He wasn't so excited about the stroller after enjoying the freedom of the PlayPlace, so I carried him while SwingDaddy stood in line for ice cream. Q was content to snuggle in my arms, and all was right in the world.


Mary P. said...

It was a kiss!

We love "Moo, Baa, La,la,la". Actually, we love Sandra Boynton. One of our favourites is "Red Hat, Green Hat", which the children find hysterically funny. Your little guy might be a bit young for the humour, but every time it's read around here, each page is greeted with a shout of "SILLY TURKEY!" and a roar of laughter.

I love it that your son is "Q". My husband's blogging identity is also "Q"!

Lady M said...

I'll have to add "Red Hat, Green Hat" to our list - it sounds great! "Barnyard Dance" gets him going too.