Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Juice & Sea Friends

Q has a new skill – making grape juice. He looked thoughtfully at his breakfast a few days ago, picked up half a grape and carefully squeezed. The juice dribbled down his wrist, and he grinned delightedly. Look, Mommy!

I meant to take a picture of him with the grapes, but I forgot and ate them all. So instead, I'm posting a photo of the wonderful sealife finger puppet set that our friend K got for Q (and me). I love that it's so complete that there is both a squid and an octopus! Technically, he is a hexapus, as often happens in the plush world where extra legs add to design complexity.

Another sealife tidbit: We usually let Q choose between "Goodnight Moon" and "Kiss Good Night" for his bedtime story. Lately, he's been refusing those and instead pulling out "In The Ocean," a book my mom got him with pictures of sea creatures and textures to feel. He loves it, especially the shiny fish!

We've adapted the story line just slightly when we read it to him. The central character is a dolphin "who has lost his family", and we think that we've got too many "missing Mommy" tales in circulation right now. So, the hero dolphin is now looking for his car keys, and the rhymes still work out.

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