Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hey now, Hey now, My Baby's Back

My baby's back and he's ready to make trouble,
Hey-now, hey-now, my baby's back!

Q was wailing in his crib this morning when I went to get him, so I worried that we were in for another fretful day. I took him straight to the kitchen and offered him milk. Mmmmm, milk! That was a winning decision. He happily downed a cupful, took a refill, and finally pushed the cup away. He proceeded to complain until I waved some frozen waffles at him. We companionably watched the waffle in the toaster, and then he munched the whole thing.

We played and snuggled, and then he started exploring. "Hey cutie, the heater isn't for playing. Let's put that magazine down. Come back here . . ." and he was off and running. When the young'uns are getting into trouble, they're feeling fine again. Yay, my baby's back!

We went out for brunch with friends and had a lovely time. I must have eaten something that disagreed with me though, because when I got home, most of the meal came back up. I was really worried that I'd caught Q's flu, but I've been feeling ok since then. I've never been so glad to merely have food-poisoning.

This weekend, I've been cooking up a storm, to leave the boys well provisioned while I'm on the road. 3 little tubs of Italian sauteed chicken, 1 of sauteed chicken in broth for Q, 2 of stir fried broccoli and peppers, 4 tubs of roasted potatoes, 1 of soft noodles cut into short pieces, and I've got three small loaves of banana bread in the oven. It'll be easy to make healthy food choices this week. I feel very pleased with the containers all lined up, just so.

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