Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey, Come Back Here

Yesterday, I read Mary's excellent site at It's Not All Mary Poppins and burst out laughing. She's a home daycare provider with some very funny (and educational) stories.

"Mid-morning, I lay two and a half year old Zach down to change his diaper. First diaper change of the day at Mary's house. Good grief! This diaper looks like it's been changed by a blind man. A one-armed blind man. On a roller coaster. At sea.

Once I would have been confused, but I'm savvy now. I know what this is. This diaper has been changed on an upright child."

Boy, do I understand that one! For a while there, I was chasing Q after baths waving a fresh diaper, and he had great fun, giggling and squealing while I laughed and marveled at how fast he was getting. It was somewhat less fun (for me) the second time, and definitely not fun the third.

SwingDaddy and I started carrying him back to his room after his bath, and he's mostly cooperative there on his regular changing table. If he's concentrating, he can use his toys to bat the plush animals hanging from the mobile. Let's hope that keeps him occupied for a while longer!

I took the photo in the bathroom mirror right after we bundled him into a bath towel. He likes the flash.

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