Tuesday, April 18, 2006

He Gets That From Us

Little Mr. QT has advanced his dance repetoire from the simple bounce all the way to one footed stomping and get this, spinning! When I came home from work today, Nanny J was laughing at Q's routine. Like a tiny whirling dervish, he'd spin around and around in place, and then he'd fall over. Huge giggle fit. Start again.

I'm so proud! He and I were able to do double pique turns* when he was a five month fetus. And now he's spinning all by himself.

*Mind you, I'm no ballerina, so it's a good day when I can do that even when I'm not pregnant. The day I nailed doubles on both sides while carrying a passenger? I will always remember that. I jumped up and down at the end of the sequence, saying, "I did it!" before patting my belly and correcting myself. "We did it!"



Do SwingDaddy and I need to start calling dibs on blogging topics? We are overlapping the same stories, but hopefully it's still interesting enough from our different perspectives, in case you read both our blogs.

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lara said...

no dibs! i like reading about bubbers from both your perspectives - you have different takes and different events in your own lives with which to connect his experiences. besides, i'm often bored, so the more blog posts for me to read, the more entertainment i have. :)