Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Eating Monster & Children's Books

Q was an eating monster today, from sharing my BDBIT at a Hobees brunch, to sampling dried mango and endless grapes at K&J's housewarming party. He still had room to down a big bowl of chicken, veggies and nooodles for dinner. Either he's gotten taller in the last week, or his balance and reach have improved, because he can stretch his arm and get his sippy cup off the kitchen table now. He almost knocked off my dinner plate as well, so we're going to need to start leaving an empty zone around the table edge.

Q has been particularly fond of physically large books recently, so I went to the secondhand bookstore yesterday in search some big board books. Our families have given us some gorgeous paper books that Q admires greatly, but we need some that won't disintegrate as quickly when chewed upon. We still have credit at BookBuyers from last year's purge, so it feels like free books!

I searched through two big shelves, and it amazed me how many lousy kiddie books there are. Many are cheap marketing tie-ins, with incoherent stories. Others have electronic gizmos attached that play sounds and can't be turned off. Still others had stories where the first 10 pages heap abuse and derision on the main character, but something cosmetic happens on the last page to make everything ok.

I ended up picking up "Happy Town," which describes a barber shop, grocery store, bakery, etc., a picture book of animals, a cheerful story about a backhoe loader named Scoop (a high-quality tie-in from the Bob the Builder franchise), and a story about a Chinese cartoon cat. My dad is a fan of the cartoon, and I figure he might enjoy reading the board book version to Q.

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