Saturday, March 11, 2006

Such Magnetism

I was a little restless last night, so I ran some errands at Target while SwingDaddy was rocking Q to sleep. We were a little low on Baby Motrin and a few other essentials, so it was a reasonable excuse for an outing. (Side note - while attempting to dose a squirmy Q earlier in the week, it occurred to me that Motrin is probably not a topical medication, but maybe it would still do some good. He's since realized that the berry flavoring sure is yummy, so it's going down a little easier now.)

Anyhow, I was lured into the "Dollar" section right by the front door of the store, and saw magnets of such cuteness that they had to come home with me. One set of my initials (pictured on my office filing cabinet), one of Q's initials, and a packet of little round magnets that look like telephone buttons (too much reflection in the photo, so I'll have to try again). My office pal commented that perhaps I could write off the expense as an investment towards user interface research. We work in IP telephony, so it's not a complete stretch, but they were only $1.08 including tax.

It's a good thing I only impulse shop in the dollar bin.

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