Monday, March 13, 2006

Pull Tab to Open

Longtime fans of Meg Cabot (best known as the author of Princess Diaries), can't help but hear a lot about Tab, the "pioneering diet soda" with such a dedicated following that they meticulously stalk Coca-Cola distributors throughout North American in search of another case. After three or four hundred mentions, I became curious about the taste of Tab. What makes it so distinctive?

Tonight, I saw a stack of bright pink four-packs by the checkout counter, and thought, "Wow, here's my chance." I've never seen Tab in a store before! SwingDaddy was waiting in the car with the sleeping Q, so I hurried out and didn't notice that it was "Tab Energy," a new product, not the original Tab.

I was all excited about Tab. I was going to give one can to my sister, also a Meg Cabot fan, and we could decide together how to distribute the other two cans. I'm not sure the wince-inducing $5.99 is worth it for four cans of not-Tab.

So, do I take it back to the store?

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