Sunday, March 12, 2006

Parking Lot Vultures

After a successful expedition to the mall (larger sized onesies for Q, among other things), we rolled our way through the parking structure towards the car. A sedan started tailing us, and at first, I assumed he was following someone else in hopes of nabbing a good parking space. What idiot would vulture a family pushing a stroller laden with baby accoutrements, packages, and the baby himself? Anyone could tell that we were going to be a slow ship to leave port.

We continued walking, and the car followed us all the way to our spot, about as far from the mall entrance as possible. Perhaps the driver had an elaborate hairstyle that wouldn't withstand the light drizzle, so the empty row of roofless spaces nearby just wouldn't do.

SwingDaddy started strapping Q into his 5 point carseat harness, and I started moving baby gear and packages. We glanced at the hovering car – still waiting. A half dozen other parking spaces must have opened up by now. We folded up the stroller, loaded it in, pulled out some toys for Q, got into the car, backed out and drove off. The sedan glided into our spot.

I'm not sure who had the lesson to learn. Either that driver should learn better tactics in shopping mall parking, or I could use some practice in patience.

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