Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One Potato, Two Potato

I IM'd my colleague yesterday morning. "Does your son already have a Darth Tater?" His oldest boy is a huge Star Wars fan. Being only six, he has an excuse for loving the prequel trilogy above almost all things.

"No, what's a Darth Tater?"

"Brace yourself. It's a Mr. Potato-Head dressed as Darth Vader."

"That's pretty funny. No, he doesn't have one."

I explained that we'd been given Darth Tater as a charming Christmas gift, and no, the funny thing wasn't that someone thought we'd like him. The funny thing was that we already had one. SwingDaddy and I agreed to share the first potato and to give the second one to a loving home.

Out of curiosity, I checked online to see if they still had the toy on the market. Well, not only is there Darth Tater, but he is joined by Spud Trooper!

And coming soon, R2Dtater!


fourthbreakfast said...

What is that little blue plastic thing in the corner?

Lady M said...

The product description says that it's Mrs. Potato-Head in the form of a Princess Leia hologram. :0